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Tender Notifications

Tender Notifications* included FREE in our Marketing Package
Ezee-Dex sources tenders from public, parastatal and private companies on a daily basis. These tenders are captured and matched, using keywords, with our advertisers product file. The notifications are then e-mailed directly to the supplier.

Over 20 000 tenders and purchasing enquiries are received and matched with our advertisers every year. Additional tender sources are being added weekly.
Sourcing tenders* for you
Tender Notifications Tenders are collected on a daily basis from multiple sources including:
  • Regional and national newspapers
  • Websites of local authorities, municipalities and international tender requests, particularly from Commonwealth countries, and
  • Directly from companies (public and private) who issue tenders on a regular and scheduled basis.
These tenders are then cross referenced with the Ezee-Dex product and brand information database to shortlist appropriate advertisers who may be interested in responding to tenders. Approximately 2 000 tenders are collated and matched with the Ezee-Dex database every month.
We do the following tender notifications*:
  • South African Tenders
  • African Tenders
  • Mining Tenders
  • Industrial Tenders
  • Company Tenders
  • Parastatal Tenders
* Please note: The tender notification service is a FREE service offered to Ezee-Dex clients with the paid Full Marketing Package. While Ezee-Dex will make every effort to gather and process every possible tender notification, where it has acquired the rights from Buyers to distribute same, it is not liable in anyway whatsoever for any tenders that may be missed or are late or for the accuracy of the information contained therein. Due to the fact that tenders are matched automatically & electronically to keywords from the provided list, clients will receive non-applicable tenders or those that are not in their field of expertise or offering from time to time.